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After years of traveling, I slowly but gradually got to know myself better and the way to inner peace and happiness. Through my Instagram Page,
Sache Wellbeing a website that writes about mental and physical health, got in touch with me with their question if I like to write for them.

And so I did!

Down below you find a few of my blogposts with all a spiritual flow.

☾  Enjoy!

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No, I’m not born in a bath, in the middle on a hilltop, with no noise or nonsense around me and just the chirp of crickets and the sounds of birds. No, I’m not born as a gypsy, traveling where my heart wants me to be, following my adventures soul. No, I’m not born with parents that provided me with all the love and money that I could ask for.

Yes, I’m born with a positive mindset and a purpose to help other to also make the best out of their life. To step out of fear and to be, instead of anxious, excited for the unknown adventures ahead of them. For the other to realize that the way you live is based on your own choices. Not saying, for some life is less tough than others, but I truly believe that we all have it in us to make better, positive decisions and in the end, doing our best is the only thing we can. At least, we then won’t look back at life when we’re 80 years old and think “I wish”. That is my only fear in life.

February 21'
Live Your Fullest

Grounding is a quality you can master, and one that is extra important for people that have - like me- a lot of air in their zodiac sign [Aquarius - Libra and Gemini] or Ayurveda type [Vata].


Are you in one of these categories or you feel rather unsettled lately? This one is for you ♥

Let's first dive a little into the reason why to "ground" or "earth" yourself. It connects you to Mother Earth and her magical positive and healing vibrations. I was flabbergasted when I recently saw this Earthing documentary and realized how important grounding [being in direct contact with the earth] really is.


There are many ways to ground yourself.  One of them is through food. Root vegetables [you could almost have guessed this yourself ;)] is one way. Think of veggies like Sweet Potato, Carrots & Pumpkin.

Another one is by literally planting your feed on the ground. Go outside and just touch the soil. Imagine healing grounding energy coming from the earth.

To continue with the mindset, meditating helps really well. You can look up anywhere meditations for “grounding”, also on my website where I specifically guide a meditation about the Root Chakra.

The last one is - maybe more unexpected- to DANCE! When we feel ungrounded we are probably much in our mind and by being physically active we get out of our mind and we move into our body. Dancing is one of the greatest way to do body work and it is fun and a good work out at the same time!

Dec' 2020
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 00.00.36.jp

I really believe the Universe has her own agenda for every single one of us. It wants you to follow your heart and challenges us within this, every moment again.

Let me tell you something from my experience.

There are so many things I like to do. Building on my converted bus. Creating dreamcatchers. Helping people. But besides the fact I can’t possibly do this all at the same time, I also don’t feel like doing all of this at the same time. And within the word feel, sits the magic.

Ideally, with whatever we do, we want to feel good and happy doing it. This might be seen as a luxury. In modern society, it gets so difficult to listen to the messages from our heart, as there is so much we think we need to do. But this thinking and needing are already in the way of listening to our heart.

I know, we all have to make money to pay the rent and all, but even within this, do your best to find the way it works best for you. What kind of work would make you most happy? You most feel like doing? And do this for all the other things in life too! With who do I like to hang out this evening? Do I feel like cooking, rather writing or painting?

The more we do things from passion and excitement, the more we are in flow and the better the results will be! I had it the other day, of really not feeling like making that phone call to sort out my tax admin. I made the call and there was a 10 minute waiting line. A week or so later, I felt much more like doing it and guess what: I was the first in line. I’m sure you’ve had situations like these, when you have let something go you weren’t keen on doing and did it when you [here it is again] felt like it, the results were better than expected. I don’t see this as a coincidence. I like to think that is the Universe her way of saying thank you, for listening to yourself and not pushing.

I really wish one day, all of us could realize that all they want is to be happy. And as the next step, figure out what this means for them. For their individual heart and spirit.

Dec' 2020
Universes Agenda
P8070487 (2).JPG

The other day I heard someone saying “I’m doing well, just running around to let it all flow”.

I got a brain freeze. To me this is very conflicting as running around to arrange things and flowing do not go together.

It’s a funny thing, this flow. It is not that easy to be in flow, but it’s also the most natural thing. It is letting go. Not forcing. Working with intentions, not with strict plans. Being able to accept things as they are. It’s a word we like to use in life as it sounds great and when we are in flow… It also feels great.

You can find flow everywhere you look in nature. How a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the seasons change into the next and water runs through rivers and valleys. But for us human, with all expectations to ourselves, to and from another, it is unfortunately not that easy. Though, it is just so delicious to be in flow! I’m sure you’ve had days that you bump into a friend and you can have a spontaneous coffee together, or the phone rings when you were just thinking about this person. The first and second part of the digital clock is the same… Flow means living in the moment. Feeling into what you want and need right now.

Universe has the most beautiful plan for you and when you let go and stop forcing life, it will give you presents in life. So step back, take a deep breath and… Let go <3

Nov' 2020
Snapshot_100 (3).png

Gratitude is something very powerful. So powerful, we shouldn’t underestimate it and use it more as a tool. I’ll tell you why, inspired by the knowledge of The Law Of Attraction & Dr. Joe Dispenza.

* Energy *
Everything is energy. Little creatures, plants, your pet, yourself. Ever walked into a place and you felt it had a weird vibe? This is the energy you picked up from this place. It could have been the people, but also the vibration/energy from that empty warehouse. Every place and emotion has a different energy, frequency or also called hertz. Anger is measured at 150 hertz. You will attract the energy you send out so guess what you’ll get back when you’re living on 150 hertz?

Rather use this in your favor! Joy and peace have a frequency between 500 and 600 hertz. You’ll attract this when you feel grateful for all that you have, especially the non-materialistic things we all have. Legs that move us forward, a heart that beats, eyes that see. Be grateful for this, change your energy and change your life.

* Seal your wish *
Secondly, gratefulness can work like sealing a bag full of your wishes. Let your dream not just be a dream but visualize & feel like already living this life of your dreams. Trust life will provide you with everything you need. Make a vision board about how your life will look like in 10 years. You’ll then seal this bag full of wishes by feeling grateful for all these dreams already coming true. By feeling grateful, you’ll send out to the world like your dreams have already become true and you will then attract this life. As, once again, energy will attract the same energy.

Oct' 2020
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We actually live in a funny world. We have grown up a world where mom used to say “you have to be good for others” but in Western society, I mainly see the “me first” mentality. What’s right?

The golden middle. But how to get here? First, make sure to have your own cup full. Helping others whilst being tired, grumpy or doing it out of guilt will never be healthy. Neither for yourself, neither for the other. Therefore it is important to first make sure you are able to give and you do it from love.

On the other hand, it is very important not to give too much. Again, you will be giving from guilt or expectations and this is the energy that will come back to you, because remember: the energy you will send out is the energy you will get back. It is a fine line and needs a little practice but when you get the balance right… It is great for you and the world around you.

So whatever you do, let it come from love, and love will come back to you, more than you could have ever imagined.

Oct ' 20
Give your 100%

Imagine. You’ve got a great running business. Your own secretary, 200 people working for you. You’ve got the villa you dreamed of with the car that suits the house. You can go out for dinner to expensive restaurants and wear tailor-made suits. You can buy everything you want.


Does this make you all excited? This is where many people will dream of. For many people, this is the goal. Let’s think twice what you want to dream of –and so put your energy in – as this is what you will attract in your life. (source: The Law Of Attraction)

Let’s go back to you as the rich person. You can now buy all the stuff things you want, get great prestige and do things that feels good for your ego. But study – Aristotle & after - has shown that this dopamine boost won’t make you internally long term happy. Serotine will, which we get from things like connectivity, faith and helping others (source).

With all your dreams and wishes, ask yourself the why-question quite a few times. Check if the outcome of this question can’t better be fulfilled through other – wiser – channels, or if this outcome truly makes you happy.

With all your dreams and wishes, ask yourself the why-question quite a few times. Check if the outcome of this question can’t better be fulfilled through other – wiser – channels, or if this outcome truly makes you happy...

Continue reading the rest, in part II down below...

Sept ' 20
Dreamlife? Part I

Continuing from the previous blog post... 

For instance, you want to make good money in order to travel a lot. How many or these big businessmen/women get stuck in their work-life till they are 60 year old – just a little too old to travel like a gypsy around Europe? Once you’re in the rat race, it’s difficult to drop “all you’ve worked for” for a few months off traveling. Or maybe you want to make a lot of money because you’ll be better respected by your friend. Beloved, let this be your life. You don’t live your life for anyone else than yourself. Again, achievement and prestige doesn’t make you happy in the long run. People around you should love you for who you are, not what you do or earn. A great documentary called Enlightenment gives a great example about a man, reached his goal of making a lot of money and getting jealous on a ‘normal’ family when he sees them all laughing.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you that you don’t need money, but don’t let it be the goal. If your goal is to make more money, realize this goal is never made. There will always be more money in the world, so you’ll never be happy with what you have! Besides this, studies has shown, you need about $5.000 to cover your expenses and still be an emotionally healthy being, and after earning $8.000, you won’t get happier (source).

So, think twice about what truly makes you happy. It might be self-care? Love? Family? Peace of mind? Focus on this and the rest will follow.

Sept ' 20
Dreamlife? Part II