Here you will find my favorite Business and Product Photographs, taken by Soul Expression with an eye for the unique and authentic in each business or product. Book your Brand Photography Session now!

With love and gratitude

Anouk - Soul Expression

Business & Product Photography

Honey Vape

April' 21 Honey Vape is a Capetonian Business that sells vapes with purely organic products. I supported them with their photography for their website and social media.

April '21. This great product deserves to have some good quality photos, that get the best out of the product. With its ingredients from nature, it deserved to be photographed in nature. Like to find out more about this product? Have a look at Mr. Barbers Products.

Mr. Barber

Dec' 19 Merle is as colorful as her paintings. Even though she is painting since her young years, she and neither her art has ever been photographed! Check out her whole collection @ 


Travel Agent
Abang Africa

Nov' 19 Abang Africa is a travel agency, located in Cape Town, with a heart for local tourism. It was an honor to capture their laughs on an early summer day.

Renata Harper

March' 20. Renata is a yoga teacher who likes to combine peace from within with peace from outside:  soon she will start teaching yoga in wildlife. For this, she liked to have some beautiful photographs of her in nature that she can use for her website and social media. Click here find more about Renata and to see where she used these photos for.

De Watertuin

October '19. This beautiful restaurant at one of Holland's most popular lakes, Loosdrecht, asked me to take photos from their great place and their delicious local seasonal dishes.

Beach Club
De Branding

August '19. Delicious food with colors like these deserved to be photographed. Shot from different angles and used on their FB page to spread their new summer menu.